Why donate? 

The Osteoporosis Clinic is an AHS funded clinic within the Calgary Zone.  The government-alotted funding permits day to day clinic operations however cannot cover some of the more innovative services and educational initiatives that we seek to offer.  This includes:

Locally conceived and conducted research. 

A lot of research in osteoporosis is done elsewhere by pharmaceutical companies.  This can be valuable and important but may not reflect the needs and desires of our patients.  We have a desire to research new approaches to osteoporosis care that are not paid for by drug companies.  Many of our research ideas actually come from patients themselves! 

Continued staff education. 

In order to continue to provide the most up-to-date care that reflects the latest treatment options, it is important that our staff remain actively involved with continuing education and research meetings.  These costs are also not covered by AHS funding.

Teaching other health care providers about osteoporosis. 

Part of our work involves passing along new information about osteoporosis to primary care providers around the province.  High quality education programs that are independent of drug company input still require funding to cover accreditation fees, etc. 


Outreach beyond Calgary.

Osteoporosis does not just affect people living in central Calgary.  Many older women and men across southern Alberta (and even interior BC) can have osteoporosis but lack the ability come to Calgary for consultations and treatment.  We desire to serve such patients with innovative care delivery services such as this website, long-distance phone consultation with rural physicians and even rural community visits where we may bring our services to other locations. In order to provide these services, we will require an ability to transform our clinic into a portable module.

How to make your charitable donation?

There is a link provided below *link that will permit you to immediately make a charitable, tax-deductible donation by credit card to the Osteoporosis Centre through the Calgary Health Trust.  We are grateful to all donors; for those who would like to support the centre with donations of $10, 000 or more, we would like to return the honour with official recognition on our clinic Wall of Strength. 

Please feel free to contact us if interested in further discussions about your generous gift.

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