Osteoporosis Education Program Information


The DHOC offers free group classes at a variety of times and locations around Calgary.  The content is intended to provide basic discussion of osteoporosis issues.  For those who have been formally referred to the DHOC for consultation, we strongly suggest that you attend one of these classes or view the online presentation in order to help you prepare for your visit.  If it is not possible for you to attend, view our three online video series presentations (click purple button below and scroll to bottom). If you represent a community group (such as a seniors’ group) and are interested in a private group session, please contact us for discussion of options!



Upcoming Classes

Osteoporosis Classes (Alberta Healthy Living)

Osteoporosis Classes - general public welcome.

All classes are cancelled due to the COVID-19 closures but please feel free to view our recorded online educational videos on this website [click on the purple box above].



Bone Health Classes at RRDTC

Bone Health Classes -- for referred patients awaiting a clinic visit

Classes will be offered via online video conferencing format (using ZOOM) starting in September 2020.  Until then, please view our recorded video presentations online.

Self Consult Program

Self Consult Program - by referral only, all classes from 1:30 to 4:00 pm

All Self-Consult classes through  2020 are cancelled due to the COVID-19 closures